Artist Statement:

My main subject is the sea. Having spent many years at sea by profession I am fascinated by the endless amounts of moods, scenes and impressions.

Pastel seems to me the most appropriate way to express my artistic feelings and motions. I enjoy the mixture of drawing and painting while I am able to use both hands and fingers. I love the way a painting evolves and the constant dialogue between intention and pigments applied. However, I try out other techniques like Oils, Watercolor or Gouache.

For me a picture has turned out really well when there is a certain glow to it and when I capture the mood that light has created at that moment.

I want to capture the dynamic of the sea, the play of light and the reflections every scene has to offer and try to develop ways of preserving the mood and sensitivity of it.






June/Jule issue International Artist
Courtesy International Artist magazine,
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